Fully printed on black paper , our books offer you a
reading experience like no other. Combining state-of-the-art technology with expert traditional craftsmanship, each book is crafted with the utmost care. But be quick, once it's gone, it's gone for good.

 Our hardcover editions are printed in limited quantities and are available for sale only while stock lasts. In addition to our hardcover books, we also offer exquisite hand-bound luxury editions. These exclusive works are created using time-honored techniques and materials passed down through generations of master craftsmen.

 We invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and indulgence. Experience literature like never before and own a piece of history with our unique collection.

  • Black Paper Books

    Welcome to Black Paper Books

    There's no denying it: books are an integral part of our society. Even in today's digital age, when the world is played out in ones and zeroes, books retain a special place in our lives

    Time and again, in the face of challenges or adversity, we find ourselves returning to the comfort of the written word. We turn to the books which teach us resilience in the face of difficulties, or which inspire us to go further and do more.

    But books are more than just the words they contain. Books can be beautiful items in their own right. They are objects of art and design, aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning.

    This is our guiding principle.

    We want to change the way that books are printed and rediscover the beauty and the joy of published works. We aim to publish the world’s most influential books in black paper, creating an easier, more enjoyable, and more beautiful reading experience.

    Ultimately, we want to reinvent the pleasure of reading.


    Meditations by Marcus Aurelius was the first book that we selected to be printed on black paper. This timeless classical book on stoicism, written almost 2000 years ago, still holds relevance in today's world. It was the perfect start for our project, and we were overwhelmed with the response from the public.

    For our second title, we chose to involve our supporters in the decision-making process. The choice was The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. This iconic novel is widely regarded as a classic of late Victorian literature and is the only novel ever written by the iconic Irish author. The book is now available for sale and has received an excellent review from our supporters.


    We remain committed to printing the world's greatest literature on black paper and will always continue to seek the feedback from our supporters. Their opinion will always be a crucial factor in deciding which works to print and in shaping the direction of our project.


    Monochrome Books is on a mission to revolutionize the
    publishing industry by publishing the world's greatest literature on black

     Our goal is to transform the way books are printed and
    bring back the joy of reading. By publishing influential books on black paper, we offer a new and enjoyable reading experience. Most people find it easier to
    read white text against a black background, and the aesthetic effect is truly striking. Our books are not just a means of conveying words; they are pieces of design that stand on their own merit.



    We had many doubts when we first came up with the concept of printing books on black paper. Our biggest concern was whether anyone would be interested in buying our books.


    That's why we turned to crowdfunding. Our first book, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, was launched as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and the response was overwhelming. We were able to successfully fund our first book and developed a strong relationship with our supporters. Their ideas and suggestions helped shape the entire publishing project.


    Our second book, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, was also launched on Kickstarter and the result surpassed our first project. We plan to continue launching new books on Kickstarter and allow the community to be a part of our publishing journey.


    Join us on our mission to create innovative and meaningful books that challenge tradition and bring joy to readers.