Pioneering Edition of the Classic by Marcus Aurelius
Fully Printed on Black Paper
Limited to 999 hand numbered copies!

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    Welcome to Black Paper Books

    There's no denying it: books are an integral part of our society. Even in today's digital age, when the world is played out in ones and zeroes, books retain a special place in our lives

    Time and again, in the face of challenges or adversity, we find ourselves returning to the comfort of the written word. We turn to the books which teach us resilience in the face of difficulties, or which inspire us to go further and do more.

    But books are more than just the words they contain. Books can be beautiful items in their own right. They are objects of art and design, aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning.

    This is our guiding principle.

    We want to change the way that books are printed and rediscover the beauty and the joy of published works. We aim to publish the world’s most influential books in black paper, creating an easier, more enjoyable, and more beautiful reading experience.

    Ultimately, we want to reinvent the pleasure of reading.


    Black text on a white background has been the norm for books and published materials for as long as people have been putting pen to paper. But we’re here to shake things up.

    Reading dark text on a light background can be incredibly tiring. Long periods of staring at a white screen or page lead to weary eyes, headaches, and a lack of focus and concentration.

    When it comes to electronic devices, people are increasingly turning to Dark Mode to help make reading a screen less of a chore, but is there anything that can be done for books and publishing?

    The answer is black paper.

    White ink printed on black paper is easier to read, more aesthetically pleasing, less tiring on the eyes, and creates a gorgeous visual effect.

    This is what led us to black paper books.

  • Meditations

    We selected Meditations for our limited edition debut, printed on black paper with white ink. Combining centuries-old techniques and cutting-edge printing technology, this will be a brand-new printing experience, culminating in one of the world’s most significant books.

    Written by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Meditations is widely regarded as one of the most influential works ever penned, and one of the cornerstones of Stoic philosophy. It is a fascinating insight into the mind - a personal journal of thoughts and reflections of one of history’s greatest figures.

    With its historical significance, vast influence, and immense real-world application, Meditations is the perfect starting point for this new publishing venture.


    Stoicism is one of the great philosophies of Classical antiquity, influencing great historical figures from emperors and presidents, to inventors and businessmen. Founded in the 3rd century BC by Zeno of Citium, it was brought to prominence by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the playwright and political advisor Seneca and former slave-turned-teacher Epictetus.

    Stoicism teaches the importance of accepting things that we cannot change, and the virtues of wisdom, justice, temperance, and courage. It is one of the few great Classical philosophies with direct, real-world applications, and can help its adherents become more resilient, happier, and more successful.

    Stoicism’s calm inspiration and resilience make it a wonderful guide in managing the stresses and uncertainty of modern life.

  • Books like Meditations are not just theoretical, philosophical works designed to stimulate the mind. Meditations, and Stoicism in general, offer an immensely practical way of thinking about the world and reacting to events, moments, circumstances, and challenges.

    Meditations, written as a personal journal for self-reflection and guidance, is an attempt to analyse reality and address how to respond to the real world. It accepts that while it might be impossible to choose what happens to you, it is within everyone’s power to choose how to respond to events, and the power of Stoicism is being able to endure life’s hardships and find happiness.

  • This is part of the reason why publishing Meditations on black paper makes so much sense. As a significant historical and philosophical work, the gorgeous, eye-catching design of black paper printing lends an even greater weight to this book. As a practical guide to life, one that you will return to again and again, the gentler reading experience is perfect. With white ink against a black background, you don’t have to worry about tired eyes, headaches, or a lack of focus and concentration, and the words and teachings of these important works are that much easier to take in.

    Our special editions, starting with the limited edition of Meditations, will be fully printed on black paper using only white ink. Printed and bound using special technology and techniques, borrowing from centuries-old traditions, all our publications will be unique - a piece of art and history.

    Join now to reimagine the written word for the 21st century, and reinvent the joy of reading.