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We believe that books are more than just the words they contain. Books can be beautiful items in their own right. They are objects of art and design, aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning.

We want to change the way that books are printed and rediscover the beauty and the joy of published works. We aim to publish the world’s most influential books in black paper, creating an easier, more enjoyable, and more beautiful reading experience.

Ultimately, we want to reinvent the pleasure of reading.

Meditations by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius will be the first book for this new publishing venture.


A collection of the personal writings of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Meditations is widely considered to be one of the most influential books ever written

Our special editions will be fully printed on Italian black paper using only white ink.

What others are saying


Babz Herrera    

 I'm a California-based writer and blogger and I think the project sounds amazing. How did you come up with the idea? 


Louise Mullins, bestselling author

…reading and working on black screened laptops and phones only, due to visual issues, this is one format of print I'd love to experience.


Curtis Scott Bynon
I wish more books were like this.


Stuart Francis Taylor-Roberts

have you seen this before? It's beautiful

Jean McLeod Hendrickson

I love this! I have my Kindle Fire on black background and it makes so much easier to read. I welcome this!!!!

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